Chocky Tests / 2016 – ongoing
Chocky is a book by John Wyndham released in 1968 and later adapted in to a mildly terrifying UK children’s TV show in the early 80’s. (Most UK TV shows for kids in the early 80’s ranged from mildly terrifying to nightmare inducing). It’s about an alien, Chocky, that visits a young boy in order to teach him how to advance the human race through scientific knowledge.

The Chocky Test series (#chockytest) is what I imagine Chocky to look like. This series is all created in camera. It is not Photoshop. I use a light gun that fires each LED in a sequence, displaying the image one vertical line at a time as you move across the frame. These vertical lines, when captured by a long exposure, combine to create the image you see in light... Magic.

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